Travelling Fellowship


The following are the guidelines for the Travelling fellowships for  INDSPNCON2018

1.    A  total of 10 (TEN) Travelling Fellowships will be offered this year.
2.    INDSPN offers 3 Travelling fellowships .
3.    The Organizers of the conference are offering  2  travelling fellowships
4.     The INDSPN Trust fund (run by Dr Deopujari ) will be offering  5 fellowships.
5.    The Amount will be Rs 10000 per person

6.    Eligibility:   

           a)  Applicants should be a Neurosurgical Resident or fellow in an accredited neurosurgical training program for M.Ch., D.N.B., degree, Or in a Pediatric neurosurgery fellowship training                 program. The Residency program should be in INDIA  or in a SAARC Country
           b)  Applicants should register for the conference and present a paper or Poster

7.    The person should apply to the Secretary, INDSPN., by Email or letter.
8.    The Email should have a letter from the Head of the Department or Fellowship program certifying that the applicant is undergoing the residency. It should contain the address and mobile         number with email of the HOD.
9.    The cheque for RS 10000 will be sent after the conference if the applicant is selected.
10.  The applicant will be selected by the Executive Committee whose decision will be final.
11.  The last date for application for the 2018 Hyderabad conference is Nov 30, 2017.